Il Campagnolo (trancio)Peppered Guanciale

Sliced Lonza (0,700 Kg)

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This salami meat is made from "capocollo" (salted and smoked pork meat taken from the neck of the pig). Once boned, it is salted and placed into brine with garlic, "vino cotto" and natural aromas for a fortnight. ("Vino cotto" is a slightly sweet, homemade, non alcoholic cooking wine.) After this period, it is peppered, then stuffed into pork intestine casings and left to mature in a particular atmosphere for at least another 100 days. Lonza is lightly marbled with fat. This characteristic gives a particularly sweet flavour.


Shape: cylinder shaped approx. 30cm.

Weight: approx. 1.500kg

Appearance of cut: a rosy colour lightly marbled with fat

Aroma: intense and spiced

Maturation length: at least 100 days