Lardo Picato

40,30 €

This meat is specially selected from the thickest fatty part. After this, it is salted and placed into brine with herbs and spices for a fortnight. After this brining period, it is seasoned with scents from our mountains and left to mature in a particular atmosphere for at least another 90 days. It is then vacuum packed into slices of around one and a half kilograms. Its aroma is rich and fragrant, while the flavour is delicate, almost sweet and subtly savoury. It can be eaten with the rind and any salt residues removed, finely sliced over soft bread and heated or lightly toasted. Alternatively, it can be served with hot meat/fish dishes. The salt from the rind is perfect for flavouring roasts or grills, while the rind itself can be grilled or boiled for bean salads and broths.


Shape: rectangular, approx. 15cm.

Weight: from approx. 1.300kg

Appearance of cut: snow white in colour, with light shades where the lean part is seen

Aroma: rich and fragrant

Maturation length: at least 90 days