Rolled PancettaProsciutto with the bone (hand cut)

Rustic Lonzino

82,10 €

Made from selective cuts of pork loin. Once boned, it is salted and placed into brine with garlic, "vino cotto" and natural aromas for a fortnight. ("Vino cotto" is a slightly sweet, homemade, non alcoholic cooking wine.) After this brining period, it is seasoned with scents from our mountains and left to mature in a particular atmosphere for at least another 60 days. It is then vacuum packed into slices of around one kilo. It is a double-flavoured meat: both flavoursome on the lean part and tasty on the fattier part.


Shape: rectangular, approx. 20cm.

Weight: from approx. 1.200kg

Appearance of cut: a rosy colour

Aroma: intense and spiced

Maturation length: at least 60 days